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Mean Bean Galley

Top-Rated Teardrop Trailer Galley

The Mean Bean’s galley is designed to smartly give campers maximum utility out of the minimalist space that is characteristic of teardrop campers. When approaching our flagship trailer, we wanted to create a galley that didn’t sacrifice convenience and ease of use. Learn more about our Mean Bean galley below!

Standard Mean Bean Galley

The standard galley on our Mean Bean camper gives you more options than most teardrop trailers, with an abundance of space, easy to clean surfaces, and excellent cooking amenities. The standard package includes the following features:


  • Partner Steel 2-burner stove (18” long)

  • Stainless steel sink

  • Counter made of stainless steel

  • Extra-strength backsplash

  • 50-quart ice chest from Coleman Extreme

  • 10-gallon water tank

  • Dome light mounted on the hatch

  • Paper towel dispenser mounted on the hatch

  • Two cabinet doors under the counter

  • 2 sliding hard plastic doors

  • Stainless still edge trim

  • Cooler tray (powder coated for durability)

  • Cutting board insert (goes in the sink)

  • D-ring tie-downs

Galley Upgrade

While the standard galley on the Mean Bean is a gold standard among teardrop trailers. You can take your adventure even further by upgrading your galley to include a variety of different features. Some key features of the galley upgrade are outlined below:


  • Upgraded Sink: The stainless steel sink on the upgraded version comes complete with a water tank, pump, and filter, which are in a cabinet below the sink.

  • Refrigerator Hookup: The upgraded Mean Bean galley is designed to accommodate the Norcold NRF 45 portable refrigerator & freezer, both in terms of size and hookups.

  • Upgraded Stove: The stove on the upgrade is more versatile, with a rack out table and tray and an additional 2 burner folding propane stove.

  • Standard Features: Obviously, all of the standard features of the Mean Bean galley are there when you purchase the galley upgrade!